Welcome to my squirrel graveyard. Yummy Woof. I am #ellethedog
Hey @oliviajampol are you going to give me a piece of that pie? Woof I am a hungry #ellethedog
Woof woof it’s Thursday. I am #ellethedog
Morning face.
I am a dog with a videoblog.

And boots.
When my hoomans ask me if I’ve gotten my work done.

ultragalka said: You are beautiful dog✨

mhm. thank you ultragalka. you are a beautiful blog. do you have a hooman as well?

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gracie-gooo said: You're so cute, can you balance a heel on your head?👠

mhm. yes gracie-gooo. i can balance shoe on me head. woof.

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theemeraldchase said: Hi Elle! Please can you balance a piece of popcorn on your head? ^^

hi theemeraldchase! I balance lots of popcorns on me head! I am ellethedog!


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I identify with u hoomans. I too enjoy days off on the couch. I am #ellethedog
I call this meeting to order my colleagues! I am @ellethedog_
Just hanging with my coworkers @mttlmy @xuhulk @fredbabyreagan @mojoreagan woof I am #ellethedog