#ellethedog eating frozen peanut butter out of a kong toy while wearing rubber booties

Angry 🐰#stuffonelleshead #ellethedog | thnx @mattboch


Me sitting

Poor #ellethedog trying to pee in 2 foot deep snow

#ellethedog refuses to go to bed because there is soup being made in the kitchen.
Woof I taught human @ivonotes how to balance his book #whiteroad on his head. woof woof @berkmancenter #learnfromthexpert
woof why are you putting your book White Road on your head @ivansigal? at @berkmancenter? That’s my job. You weird human 

New friends - @ivansigal #ellethedog (at Berkman Center for Internet & Society)

my new friends woof woof

Behind the scenes on test shoot with @ivansigal putting a cupcake on his book White Road #whiteroad on #ellethedog. #stuffofelleshead #steidl (at Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
OMG author of #blockedonweibo is balancing his book on me head  - woof woof
I hope my head isn’t blocked on weibo. balancing Jason Ng’s Blocked on Weibo on me head! woof woof
Elle The Dog wishes you a Happy Holidays just like hers: adorable and embarrassing but ok in the end because treats will be distributed by your human feeders.
@ethanz’s book Rewire is rewiring my brain  (at Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
@ethanz’s book Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection is rewiring my brain to become superdog! @berkmancenter #stuffonelleshead #latergram (at Berkman Center for Internet & Society)